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Legal Services

Maxwell Goss Law helps businesses and professionals navigate high-stakes litigation, and provides strategic advice on IP, technology, and business law matters.

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Trade Secrets

Nearly every business has trade secrets that add value and make it more competitive. When a wayward employee, vendor, consultant, or hacker steals trade secrets, the result can be devastating. Trade secrets generally come in two varieties: Business information (such as customer information, market research, or financial data) and technical information (such as product formulas, software, or engineering drawings). With a rare combination of experience in both post-employment disputes and technical IP litigation, Maxwell Goss is equipped to handle any trade secret dispute or issue that may arise.

Business Litigation

Sometimes conflict cannot be avoided. A partner or shareholder abuses power. A key employee breaks trust. A vendor fails to deliver. A competitor engages in sabotage. In an ideal world, all conflicts could be resolved quickly and amicably, without the intervention of lawyers. But sometimes things escalate and parties must turn to the courts to resolve their differences. Maxwell Goss has represented clients in Michigan and around the country in matters ranging from straightforward contract disputes to complex, bet-the-company litigation. His experience includes business breakups, breach of contract, interference with contract, breach of fiduciary duty, business defamation, fraud, real estate, and construction disputes, among others.

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Intellectual Property

Most businesses have intellectual property. It might be a distinctive logo, a body of software code, a novel engineering solution, or a proprietary product formula, to name just a few examples. When IP assets are threatened, legal action may become necessary. Intellectual property litigation requires strategic thinking and a command of the law, technology, and competitive environment. Frequently it demands swift, forceful action. Maxwell Goss has assisted clients in Michigan and around the country with IP litigation and enforcement in areas including patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, counterfeiting, false advertising, right of publicity, and licensing disputes.

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