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Legal Services

Maxwell Goss Law represents businesses and professionals in complex litigation and provides strategic advice in all areas of business and IP law.

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Forceful Advocacy.
Creative Solutions.

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Trade Secrets

Engineering specs. Product Formulas. Software code and algorithms. Market research. Industrial processes. Profit and margin information. Pricing models. User and customer data. New product ideas.

Trade secrets like these are often the lifeblood of a business. And their loss can be devastating.

We help companies harness the value of their trade secrets and implement measures to keep them safe. When the unthinkable happens, we act swiftly to prevent catastrophic loss and keep your business on track. With experience in both post-employment and technical IP litigation, we're equipped for any trade secret matter.

Business Litigation

Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes. A controlling shareholder abuses power. A top employee breaks trust. A vendor leaves you hanging. A competitor sabotages your business.

In a perfect world, every business dispute would be resolved quickly, amicably, and without lawyers. But this isn’t a perfect world, and sometimes you need the courts to set things aright.

Our firm handles business litigation matters of all kinds, including those complex, bet-the-company cases that may leave your team scrambling and you wondering where to begin. Contract issues, fiduciary breaches, fraud, defamation, business breakups, you name it - we've helped clients across the country, and we can help you.

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Intellectual Property

It’s hard to run a business and not have intellectual property. From your distinctive logo and catchy tagline to the software code or proprietary formula that drives your business – if it’s the result of your creative genius, it’s intellectual property worth protecting.

When it comes to repelling threats to your IP so your business can thrive, forceful action is required. Essential, too, is a firm command of the law, technology, and competitive landscape.

Maxwell Goss Law brings all this to the table. Our litigation and enforcement experience spans every area of IP, from trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents, to e-commerce, domain name disputes, publicity rights, counterfeiting, and tech licensing.

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