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Our Advantage

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A legal crisis can divert precious energy from your life and mission.

When a legal crisis erupts, it not only threatens to take away what you've worked so hard to build. It can also take away the time, energy, and attention you want to devote to your business every day. At Maxwell Goss Law, we like to say that we make your problem our problem. Our firm is the partner you can trust to grab hold of your challenges and fight relentlessly for you while you do what you do best.

Sophisticated Counsel for Every Client

We enjoy the "impossible" cases. Our firm has deep litigation experience and a facility for mastering new information. This gives our clients an edge in cases—whether business, IP, or civil—that involve complicated issues, multiple parties, or novel questions of law.

Proactive Strategies Enabling You to Gain Control

Some law firms treat litigation like a game of foosball. Not us. We prefer to see it as a game of chess. We build and execute tailored strategies that allow our clients to take control of the challenges they face and to gain leverage in negotiations and litigation.

Dedicated Representation Tailored to Your Objectives

You're not just a number. At Maxwell Goss Law, we pride ourselves on the personal connection we build with our clients. We are dedicated to learning your objectives and the challenges you face, and crafting a strategy to get you where you want to go.

Efficient Discovery and Trial Preparation

We'll say it. Litigation is expensive. We're thorough and proactive, and we fight hard for every client. But we avoid the over-staffing and needless tasks that can drive costs sky-high. Laser-focused on your objectives, we implement the right plan for your case.

Forceful Advocacy, Creative Solutions

You don't need a law firm simply to kick the can down the road. You need a law firm that digs in, obsesses over your case, and won't let go until the challenges you face are defeated. We bring our brand of forceful advocacy and creative solutions to every case.

“Very pleased with how our case was handled. Max is very professional, direct and aggressive when he has to be. Highly recommend Mr. Goss!”

Civil Litigation Client

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