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Intellectual Property Litigation

Metro Detroit IP Litigation Attorneys

We Fight for the Innovators.

When your intellectual property is at risk, you can't afford to mess around with dabblers.

You need a law firm that grasps the complexities of IP litigation. A law firm that acts decisively to prevent catastrophic loss. A law firm that brings strategic vision and relentless intensity to every case.

You need a law firm that thinks like you do.

We fight for the innovators, the visionaries, the problem solvers. The ones who never stop moving. The ones who create the machines, the systems, the formulas, the stories, the designs, and the music that make the world a better place.

Trademark Litigation

Your trademarks are the face of your company. They are a promise that every purchase is backed by the quality and service your company is known for. Trademarks tell customers who they can trust and give them the confidence they need to purchase from you again and again.

When a competitor shows up with a name, logo, design, or slogan that is too close to yours, customers get confused. That's bad for customers and bad for your business. Trademark infringement siphons away the brand recognition and customer goodwill that you worked so hard to build. Maxwell Goss Law helps brand owners combat unfair competition and protect the integrity of their trademarks.

Copyright Litigation

Your creative expression belongs to you. Copyright law protects traditional areas of art, music, and literature as well as a broad spectrum creative endeavors made possible by new technology. Think video games, digital photography, software, architectural plans, educational materials, website content, movie scores, TV scripts, comic books, fictional characters, and podcasts, to pick just a few examples.

If you own a copyright—whether you created the work or acquired it from its creator—you alone have the right to publish or license that work for profit. Maxwell Goss Law helps copyright owners combat infringement and reap the rewards they have earned.

Trade Secret Litigation

Your business has valuable trade secrets, the secret sauce that nobody else has. Maybe it's a product formula. Maybe it's a proprietary algorithm. Maybe it's engineering plans or software or market research or an industrial process or new product plans or a customer list. Trade secrets encompass information of virtually every kind so long as it is kept secret and gets its competitive value from being kept secret.

If your trade secrets end up in the wrong hands, time is of the essence. Swift, strategic action can make the difference between recovery of your trade secrets and devastating loss. Maxwell Goss Law has the knowledge and experience needed to tackle any threat.

Patent Litigation

The extraordinary innovation on display in the United States comes from the strong incentives our system gives to inventors. Patents give inventors who devise new and useful inventions have the exclusive right to profit from their inventions for a limited span of time. Maxwell Goss Law has substantial experience helping innovative companies and individuals enforce their patent rights against infringers.

Emerging Technology

As technology evolves, so does the law. Artificial intelligence, e-commerce, blockchain technology, and social media are just some of the innovations that are reshaping the law. Maxwell Goss Law can help you navigate cutting-edge areas of law and technology including:

  • Domain Name Disputes
  • E-Commerce Disputes
  • DMCA Takedowns
  • Counterfeiting
  • Internet Defamation
  • Technology Licensing
Your Advocate for Innovation

Your company is more than just the wheels that keep it churning.

It’s your vision, your legacy, your blood, sweat, and tears. And your innovation is the driving force behind it all.

We have helped clients in many industries protect their hard-won innovations, and we're ready to go to work for you.

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