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Copyright Litigation

Birmingham MI Copyright Litigation Lawyer

Copyright Litigation

Copyrights can be highly profitable – and highly personal, as well. Learning that someone has used your creative work without proper permission and license is not only disheartening but can also be costly. Not only can you experience losses as a result of unauthorized copyright use, but the party infringing on your copyright can experience wrongful gain thanks to your hard work.

Fortunately, holding copyright also gives you the ability to take legal action to stop copyright infringement. However, some parties might also face unjustified allegations of copyright infringement, which can result in costly penalties if not handled correctly. In either situation, it is imperative to have the representation of a highly experienced copyright litigation attorney in Birmingham. Contact Maxwell Goss Law as soon as possible.

Types of Copyright Litigation Claims

Copyright infringement that leads to litigation can happen in different ways, and your lawyer will first review your situation to determine whether you might have a valid infringement claim. Examples of claims that Maxwell Goss Law handles include the following:

  • Infringement of the right of reproduction – Someone else reproduces a protected copyright in a fixed form.
  • Infringement of the right of distribution – Another party sells copies of the copyrighted work without the proper license.
  • Infringement of the right of public performance – Someone else performs your copyrighted material in public without authority.
  • Infringement of the right of public display – Someone else publicly displays your copyright – either physically or online – without permission.
  • Infringement of the right to derivative works – Another party presents a modified version of your work or creates a new work based on your copyrighted work. An example of this would be if someone produces a movie based on your written work without permission.

You want to ensure the facts support the specific infringement claim that you bring, contact us today for more information.

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