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Free Webinar on the FTC's Noncompete Ban

Some thought they wouldn't. But they did.

The FTC has approved a rule that would ban nearly all employee noncompete agreements nationwide. The situation is rapidly evolving, as lawsuits challenging the ban are already going forward. What does all this mean for employers and employees in tech, financial services, healthcare, sales, and other fields where noncompetes are common?

Please join us for a free webinar on May 31, 2024 titled, "Navigating Chaos: The FTC's Nationwide Noncompete Ban and What it Means for Business."

Trade secret litigator Maxwell Goss of Maxwell Goss Law and employment law expert John O'Connor of Ford Harrison will discuss what the FTC's ban means, what lies ahead, and what businesses should do now.

Here are just some of the questions we will address:·

-Are noncompetes REALLY being banned?

-When would the ban take effect?

-What will happen to noncompetes in place now?

-How will this impact noncompete enforcement and litigation?

-What exceptions are there to the ban? Are there ways around it?

-What should employers who rely on noncompetes be doing now?

And we will address your questions, too. Learn the latest on this vital issue. Register here!

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