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Detroit Business Litigation Attorney

Detroit Business Litigation Attorney

Experienced Business Litigation Representing Clients in Detroit

All too frequently, conflicts arise among and between business owners, shareholders, customers, directors, officers, and others inside and outside of your organization. When business conflicts are not handled properly, your business and livelihood could potentially suffer. You need legal help from a law firm adept at taking on high-stakes litigation and protecting the interests of Detroit businesses.

In many instances, business disputes in Michigan can be resolved by way of a settlement or arbitration. However, when those avenues fail, business litigation might be the next best option for resolving your legal dispute.

In a business litigation proceeding, the court will be called upon to resolve the pending legal issue or issues that are in dispute. Those issues could involve business defamation, breach of fiduciary duty by a director or officer of the corporation, misappropriation of business trade secrets, and breach of contract, to name a few.

Every company should have a Birmingham business litigation lawyer who is experienced at resolving legal disputes that often arise in the business context. If your dispute cannot be resolved in an amicable manner, the right lawyer can file a lawsuit in the proper Michigan court and begin the litigation process while continuing to work on a resolution that is favorable to you and your business. You might also need to defend against a lawsuit filed by another party.

Please call Maxwell Goss Law today to learn more about how we could assist you with your business litigation needs.

Litigation Between Business Shareholders

Shareholders are individuals who have a legal interest in a corporation or some other type of business entity. When a dispute arises among shareholders (typically between majority and minority shareholders of the corporation) – or between the corporate shareholders and the corporate officers and directors – litigation may become necessary to effectively bring the dispute to a prompt resolution. At the conclusion of the proceedings, a court will decide the outcome of any and all disputed legal issues.

Breaching a Fiduciary Duty

Corporate officers and directors are required to exercise due diligence, fair dealing, loyalty, and good faith. When a corporate officer or director violates one or more of these fiduciary duties, any dispute may need to be litigated in court for it to be resolved effectively.

Breach of Business Contracts

For an oral or written business contract to be effective, there must be an offer, acceptance, and some type of consideration – which is usually money or some other benefit. When one or more parties violate a business contract in some material way, then the non-breaching party might call upon a court to resolve the contractual dispute.

Defamation in the Business Context

Having a good reputation is essential when doing business in today’s world. If a business does not have a good reputationin the community, it is very unlikely that the business will be profitable. A false, misleading, or defamatory statement by a third party has the potential to ruin a businesses’ reputation and could cause financial consequences. In cases where a third party makes a defamatory statement against a business – and financial consequences result – the business might be able to pursue defamation litigation.

The Role of the Internet and Technology in Business Today

In today’s world, technology and the internet are essential tools for maintaining a profitable and effective business. However, when businesses fail to follow various regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), litigation could result, along with various types of penalties and sanctions levied against the business. Also, when a business becomes aware of a security breach, it must take prompt action in order to avoid litigation and other consequences.

Talk to a Detroit Business Litigation Attorney about Your Legal Matter Today

When it comes to disputes that invariably arise in the business context, experienced attorney Maxwell Goss is ready to help. Our firm can review all of your legal options with you and assist you with resolving the pending issue or issues. Please give us a call at (248) 266-5879 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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