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Detroit Business and IP Counseling Attorney

Detroit Business and IP Counseling Attorney

Experienced Business and IP Counseling Representing Clients in Detroit

Successful business operations in the State of Michigan depend on a variety of factors, including acquiring or forming the correct type of business entity, effectively protecting all of your corporation’s intellectual property (IP), and effective dispute resolution. When it comes to running a successful operation, business and IP counseling services can be extremely helpful.

Detroit business and IP counseling attorney Maxwell Goss of Maxwell Goss Law can help you work to resolve disputes that often arise in the business context, including disputes related to patents, trademark infringement, and defamation.

If you are unable to resolve your dispute outside the courtroom, we can assist you and your business with necessary litigation and pursue a favorable resolution in court. Your company can also benefit from guidance on regulatory compliance issues that arise from time to time during business operations, as well as drafting and enforcing effective contracts to protect your enterprise from unfair competition.

Business Formation

Numerous options are available to you in the State of Michigan when it comes to setting up a business enterprise. You have the option of choosing between sole proprietorships, various types of corporations or partnerships, and limited liability companies – otherwise known as LLC’s. Each of these business entities has advantages and disadvantages associated with it – and about which you should be aware. It is critical to understand all your options and select the business structure that will best serve owners and the company. The right help in taking the necessary legal steps to start up the business and get business operations going can be invaluable over time.

Dispute Resolution in the Business Context

Problems and disputes are extremely common in the context of any business. Disputes sometimes arise between directors, officers, and shareholders, including disputes over fiduciary duties (such as the duty of good faith and fair dealing owed by the directors and officers of a corporation).

At other times, a dispute may arise between majority shareholders and minority shareholders of the business. When it comes to limited liability companies, otherwise known as LLCs, disputes between individual members of the LLC sometimes occur.

You want the right assistance when working to resolve these types of disputes that occasionally arise. Failing to address the matter promptly and properly can result in unnecessary losses or liability to your corporation.

Complying with Various Business Regulations

Businesses of all types and sizes are legally required to comply with various regulations that are put forth by the Federal Trade Commission, otherwise known as the FTC, and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, otherwise known as COPPA. When businesses fail to comply with these regulations, they can suffer financial harm, along with penalties by the imposing government agencies. Having proper business counseling can ensure that your business is lawfully complying with these regulations, and if necessary, help you take the legal steps to bring your business into compliance.

Disputes that Involve Intellectual Property

Many businesses have very valuable trade secrets and other types of intellectual property in their possession. When an employee, former employee, or officer misappropriated intellectual property or trade secrets to the financial disadvantage of a corporation, legal action may need to be taken against the offending party. Protecting corporate IP is often essential to the company’s success, so when possible misappropriation occurs, you need to take swift action and address the matter head on.

Overall, corporate owners have too much responsibility in the daily operations and forecasting of the business to spend a significant amount of time concerned about legal compliance, the enforceability of contracts, or other arising matters or disputes. This is not an excuse to ignore legal issues, however, as doing so can be costly. Instead, outsource your legal concerns and seek out experienced business and IP counseling assistance.

Speak to a Detroit Business and IP Counseling Attorney about Your Legal Matter Today

Experienced attorney Maxwell Goss understands that business and IP counseling can go a long way to ensuring that your business remains financially profitable and productive. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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