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At Maxwell Goss Law, we believe that business owners should be focused on one thing – the successful operation and profitability of their companies. Unfortunately, as any business owner knows all too well, many legal concerns and issues can arise that distract them from their daily responsibilities, and that might even threaten the success of their business.

If you have any questions or concerns about a possible business or intellectual property dispute regarding your company, do not hesitate to seek guidance and representation from our Birmingham law office. We also help individual clients with certain civil litigation matters. Contact us directly to learn how we might help with your legal matter.


Business Law and Litigation

Legal concerns can certainly detract from the efficiency of a business owner’s work, and many owners do not have the legal experience and knowledge to address disputes in a favorable manner. Business disputes can be costly, and you do not want to risk unnecessary losses or liability by not seeking the right legal assistance.

Maxwell Goss Law helps companies in Birmingham, Michigan, with many types of cases, including providing counsel regarding general legal questions and resolving disputes. Maxwell Goss is an experienced litigator who regularly assists business clients with the following and more:

Whether you need to bring a legal claim against another party, or need to defend against a claim, our firm can be on your side. We work to resolve disputes out of court whenever possible to save our clients’ resources, though we will also be zealous advocates in the courtroom when litigation is necessary.

Intellectual Property Law and Litigation

Intellectual property is a major asset of almost every type of business, and when your IP is in jeopardy, your company can suffer losses if you do not take timely and proper action. On the other hand, facing an intellectual property infringement allegation can be costly, and you must have the right defense strategy to prevent wrongful liability.

Our firm handles the following IP matters both in and out of the courtroom:

These cases can be highly technical and involve a web of complex intellectual property laws and legal standards. You want to make sure your business is represented by a qualified IP litigator who can protect your company’s interests no matter what the specific case entails.

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Maxwell Goss Law also represents non-business clients in certain matters, as we recognize that individuals can suffer harm and face the need to take legal action. We believe that parties that cause physical, mental, and financial injuries to others should be held fully accountable for their actions, and we seek maximum compensation for injured clients under the law. We regularly take the following types of claims in civil court on behalf of individual clients:

You want the right law firm that will fight for you and the financial recovery you deserve.
Consult with a Business and IP Lawyer in Birmingham, Michigan
If your company faces a legal matter or you suffered a personal injury, look no further than the experienced Birmingham attorney at Maxwell Goss Law. We pride ourselves on dedicated service and legal skill, so please call at (248) 266-5879 or contact us online for more information about our services today.

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